If you don’t “Like” us… NO ONE WILL LIKE YOU!

Posted: February 13, 2011 in Uncategorized

We’re sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but apparently it is true. Over the last few months we have spent the better part of an hour and damn near several dollars on in-depth completely non semi-scientific research on this subject. Upon completely non-independent review of the findings, the hard cold facts are undeniable.  If you do not “Like” The World Wide Day of Laughter… then it is clinically impossible for anyone to like you! That’s right, clinically!

Here’s what the findings tell us in detail:

Those who “Like” the World Wide Day of Laughter are in general: Kind, caring, giving people who know how to have a good time. They are humorous, joyous, often prosperous and can hold their liquor too. They are also selfless, tolerant, genuine human beings possessing large degrees of, sensitivity, integrity and humility. They are the kind of people who will not only help an old person across the street, but will insist that old person come to Christmas dinner, regardless of the old person’s religion or whether they have other plans. They are the people, other people like to like.

Conversely those who fail to “Like” the World Wide Day of Laughter are generally speaking: Arrogant, Rude Domineering people. They are dishonest, temperamental and conceited. They are also, more often than not unreliable, co-dependent, pessimistic and condescending. They often smell bad too. They are the kind of people who when on the beach will deliberately throw a ball for their Rottweiler in a fashion that will cause the dog to trample the newly constructed sand castle of a child. They will apologize to the child, only to laugh about it with their unlikeable friends later over Mojitos.
Ask yourself, how could anyone “Like” someone like that?

Help Us, Help You… By Liking Us!

The good news is, the research shows that the adverse effects of not “Liking” the World Wide Day of Laughter can be reversed almost immediately.  We are including a link for anyone who is willing to admit that they may have a problem Facebook/dayoflaughter.com Simply click this link, visit our Facebook page and click the little “Like” button. THAT’S IT! You can reverse an entire lifetime of closet un-likability in a matter of seconds and we implore you to take this first step.

While we recommend your new likability be handled in baby steps until you get the hang of it, there are a few additional things that can be done for those willing to the next step.

1)      Recommend us to all of your unlikable friends on Facebook so they too experience the warm glow of likability.

2)      Follow us on Twitter @dayoflaughter.  Cus although you are no longer a twit, our tweets are freekin funny!

3)      Find us on Meetup.com/dayoflaughter and help us organize laughter meet ups around your town and around the globe.

4)      Download the Official Free World Wide Day of Laughter App for iPhone and Android here http://dayoflaughter.isites.us

Well there you have it. Science is rarely pretty, but it is undeniable. Take the findings to heart. Go forth, better yourself and the world by “Liking” The World Wide Day of Laughter. Somewhere, someone out there wants to like you too.


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