We did it!

Posted: March 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

***For Immediate Release***

LOL officially added to the Oxford English Dictionary!

The World Wide Day of Laughter is proud and honored today to take full credit for something we probably had absolutely nothing to do with! It seems the Oxford English dictionary, (the last word on words if you will) has seen fit this week to officially add “LOL” to the English language as a “word“. We believe that this monumental move to add Internet slang, to Sir James Murray’s epic work is due in no small part to the efforts of the World Wide Day of Laughter and it supporters. We’re certain Mr. Murray, a lifelong  lexicographer and  philologist (whatever those are) who gave the last 38 years of his life  to creating the original resource, would be proud! We welcome the validation now given to us by the Definitive Dictionary of the English language as we move forward in our efforts to help the world Laugh out Loud (LOL) on November 11th 2011

At the same time the dictionary also added several additional words to its latest update. While we here are not 100% sure of how, in typical narcissistic DOL fashion, we are certain that we were somehow  involved.

The additional words are:

OMG (Oh My God)

FYI (For Your Information)

BFF (Best Friends Forever)

IMHO (In My Humble Opinion)

Muffin Top (The unsightly blubber which protrudes from around the average couch potatoes waistband)

Taquitos (Rolled, Deep Fried Tacos… Enjoyed by many Muffin Tops)

Once again, these additions are welcome news to all who Facebook, Tweet, & Text … Think of the valuable time and thumb strokes which will now be saved.

As an example, let’s look at the following announcement…

“Astonishing News! We’d like to announce that that the acronym “LOL” (Laughing Out Loud) has been officially added to the Oxford English Dictionary. As we see it, this is a significant step forward in the total degradation of a once proud language. Undoubtly the original curator of the dictionary Sir James Murray would have something to say about this…  My fellow scholars we recommend further deliberation on this matter.”

Can now easily be condensed and translated into the much more tweetable:

OMG! FYI, LOL added to the dictionary! IMHO great news! Thanks to new BFF @James_Murray! Hey Muffin tops, let’s go for taquitos & Celebrate!
(Exactly 140 Characters)

Well Done!

Now let’s just hope the U.S. Council of Standards and Measures makes some progress on their plans to condense the alphabet by three letters. According to Mr. Joseph Franklin, If the council has their way the letters L,M,N,O will be condensed into one letter pronounced “L’mno” sometime in 2012. Another big time saver and “a boon to those who always had trouble pronouncing LMNO correctly” when singing the alphabet… Thanks SNL!


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