The World Wide Day of Laughter will be November 11th 2011 and will begin at 11:11am (that’s 11/11/11 @11:11 for those folks not yet paying attention and for certain former Alaska Governors). It will then sweep across the globe like a wave of… well, laughter.

The World Wide Day of Laughter has three main purposes at this point, but we reserve the right to add more points whenever we’re in the mood.

  1. The first one we hope is fairly obvious. If laughter is, as they say the best medicine, then this day will serve as a global “tonic” bringing the entire world together for one big hoot. To prove that we are all now connected and that we can laugh as one.
  2. This will be the largest social media experiment in history as the WWDL will be organized and promoted strictly through Social Media channels. Can the world be brought together through Social Media? We think so and we aim to prove it, but we need your help.
  3. This event will also raise awareness (and hopefully money) for several vitally important global causes and initiatives. As of this writingProject: Water, a non-profit organization working to bring clean, safe drinking water to developing nations. As well as The Nature Conservancy for Global Climate Change. More on that to come.

Much has been written about the significance of 11/11/11 from prophecy to metaphysics.  Undoubtedly much more will be written in the coming months.  There will be the typical negative, doomsday element who will try to explain that this day will be the end of time,  and that the Mayans were just off by 13months 10days. There will be the aging ever disappointed, millennium bug element who will caution that many “ones” hitting computer systems all at the same time is not funny and will have catastrophic effects. It will cause global markets to crash and banks to fail (Wait that happened in2008) never mind. There will be the creepy metaphysical element who will tell you that, we don’t really know quite what it means yet, BUT, did you know that 1111 x 1111 = 12345654321! Carried out even further 11111111 x 11111111 = 12345678987654321, oooooohhhhhh… Who Cares! There will most certainly be a plethora of inexperienced gamblers running around Las Vegas all trying to bet 11 at the craps tables, the HARD WAY!

To all of these people we say… Get a Grip! 11/11/11 will be about laughter, about coming together and about demonstrating that we are all finally “connected”.  It will be… The World Wide Day of Laughter and it will be a lot of fun.

As I said, we aim to make this the largest Social Media event in history. We cannot pull this off without your help, however, please follow us onFacebook and Twitter @dayoflaughter and help us get the word out by recommending us. Please leave your comments on our facebook page, but please be gentle, this is our first time!

We look forward to laughing with you in the months and weeks to come.


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