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We did it!

Posted: March 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

***For Immediate Release***

LOL officially added to the Oxford English Dictionary!

The World Wide Day of Laughter is proud and honored today to take full credit for something we probably had absolutely nothing to do with! It seems the Oxford English dictionary, (the last word on words if you will) has seen fit this week to officially add “LOL” to the English language as a “word“. We believe that this monumental move to add Internet slang, to Sir James Murray’s epic work is due in no small part to the efforts of the World Wide Day of Laughter and it supporters. We’re certain Mr. Murray, a lifelong  lexicographer and  philologist (whatever those are) who gave the last 38 years of his life  to creating the original resource, would be proud! We welcome the validation now given to us by the Definitive Dictionary of the English language as we move forward in our efforts to help the world Laugh out Loud (LOL) on November 11th 2011

At the same time the dictionary also added several additional words to its latest update. While we here are not 100% sure of how, in typical narcissistic DOL fashion, we are certain that we were somehow  involved.

The additional words are:

OMG (Oh My God)

FYI (For Your Information)

BFF (Best Friends Forever)

IMHO (In My Humble Opinion)

Muffin Top (The unsightly blubber which protrudes from around the average couch potatoes waistband)

Taquitos (Rolled, Deep Fried Tacos… Enjoyed by many Muffin Tops)

Once again, these additions are welcome news to all who Facebook, Tweet, & Text … Think of the valuable time and thumb strokes which will now be saved.

As an example, let’s look at the following announcement…

“Astonishing News! We’d like to announce that that the acronym “LOL” (Laughing Out Loud) has been officially added to the Oxford English Dictionary. As we see it, this is a significant step forward in the total degradation of a once proud language. Undoubtly the original curator of the dictionary Sir James Murray would have something to say about this…  My fellow scholars we recommend further deliberation on this matter.”

Can now easily be condensed and translated into the much more tweetable:

OMG! FYI, LOL added to the dictionary! IMHO great news! Thanks to new BFF @James_Murray! Hey Muffin tops, let’s go for taquitos & Celebrate!
(Exactly 140 Characters)

Well Done!

Now let’s just hope the U.S. Council of Standards and Measures makes some progress on their plans to condense the alphabet by three letters. According to Mr. Joseph Franklin, If the council has their way the letters L,M,N,O will be condensed into one letter pronounced “L’mno” sometime in 2012. Another big time saver and “a boon to those who always had trouble pronouncing LMNO correctly” when singing the alphabet… Thanks SNL!


The Smartphone App is Here!

Posted: March 9, 2011 in Uncategorized

Grab the new World Wide Day of Laughter App for Android and iPhone. Pick it up, it’s FREE! Share it with your friends, family, colleagues and strangers and help get’em involved. The android App is available now in the market, and the iPhone App will be available in the next few days through the App store. In the mean time you can download it directly to your iPhone by visiting Or scan them directly to your device by using the QR codes below!

As always we welcome your feedback, comments and suggestions, unless of course they’re negative in any way… if so, then keep them to yourself! The things free, what do you want?


Day of Laughter App for iPhone Day of Laughter App for Android

We’re sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but apparently it is true. Over the last few months we have spent the better part of an hour and damn near several dollars on in-depth completely non semi-scientific research on this subject. Upon completely non-independent review of the findings, the hard cold facts are undeniable.  If you do not “Like” The World Wide Day of Laughter… then it is clinically impossible for anyone to like you! That’s right, clinically!

Here’s what the findings tell us in detail:

On November 11th, 2011 (11/11/11) the World will Laugh Out Loud!

The ideas and suggestions are coming fast and furious! We appreciate all of the support! We want to give an overview of some of the details that are in fact definitive and cast in stone to this point, at least until we change our minds.  “Events”, are in the works for the World Wide Day of Laughter, which will undoubtedly wow one and all, including us. As we’ve been in the planning stage we thought as long as we’re all getting together for a global block party, as it were, we might as well take the opportunity to make some things better, for this little orb we call home. On a global scale we cannot think of anything more relevant than these three issues; hunger, clean water and climate change. The solutions to which must work hand in glove, according to two recent reports both published this month (The Worldwatch Institute’s State of the World 2011and The Foresight Report on Food and Farming). Both reports say it is imperative that we address agriculture on a more “localized” level around the world, as well as the effects of water quality and climate change as they relate to food production.  More on this to come…

Here’s what were know so far.

For Immediate Release…. The World Wide Day of Laughter is proud today to announce the endorsement of an International Celebrity who’s image is recognizable world wide. Someone who’s commitment to transparent activism is undeniable and also happens to be a hell of a Laker fan! Without further ado, the World Wide Day of Laughter is honored to introduce… MORE


It Was 30 Years Ago Today…

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I was an idealistic 15 year old On December 8th, 1980,  this was a pivotal and galvanizing day in my adolescence, and my life. The moment I heard the news that John Lennon had been killed, my perspective on the world changed.  I remember I lay awake that night, unable to sleep, listening to Lennon’s music and hourly reports on FM radio of people gathering in front of the Dakota apartment building where he had been shot. They were crying, holding each other and singing songs like Give Peace a Chance and All You Need is Love. They were like the rest of the world trying to come to terms with a senseless and tragic loss, but they were, in the only way they knew how at the time, connecting.

The following Sunday, most radio stations around the country and around the world, simultaneously fell silent for 10 minutes in hon0r of John Lennon. It was an unprecedented tribute to a man who had meant so much to so many. When the stations came back on the air, they did so by playing the same song all at once, Imagine... It was extraordinary.  In a day before twitter and face book, and CNN for that matter, this became our way of connecting. Albeit through silence, for those 10 minutes wherever we were, and what ever we were doing, we stood as one, sharing our grief and celebrating a life.


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Welcome to the first post at the Official World Wide Day of Laughter blog.  We are about to embark on what promises to be a fun, laugh filled, chaotic, if not neurotic ride for the next 11 months.

The World Wide Day of Laughter will be November 11th 2011 and will begin at 11:11am (that’s 11/11/11 @11:11 for those folks not yet paying attention and for certain former Alaska Governors). It will then sweep across the globe like a wave of… well, laughter.

The World Wide Day of Laughter has three main purposes at this point, but we reserve the right to add more points whenever we’re in the mood.

  1. The first one we hope is fairly obvious. If laughter is, as they say the best medicine, then this day will serve as a global “tonic” bringing the entire world together for one big hoot. To prove that we are all now truly connected, and that we can laugh as one.
  2. This will also be the largest social media experiment in history as the WWDL will be organized and promoted strictly through Social Media channels. Can the world be brought together through Social Media for the greater good? We think so and we aim to prove it, but we need your help.
  3. This event will raise awareness (and hopefully some money) for several vitally important global causes and initiatives. As of this writing Project: Water, a non-profit organization working to bring clean, safe drinking water to developing nations. As well as The Nature Conservancy for Global Climate Change. More on that to come.

Much has been written about the significance of 11/11/11 from prophecy to metaphysics.  Undoubtedly much more will be written in the coming months.  There will be the typical negative, doomsday element who will try to explain that this day will be the end of time,  and that the Mayans calender was just off by 13months 10days. There will be the aging, ever disappointed, millennium bug element who will caution that many “ones” hitting computer systems at the same time simply is not funny, and will have catastrophic effects. It will cause global markets to crash and banks to fail (Wait, that happened in2008) never mind. There will be the creepy metaphysical element who will tell you that, we don’t really know quite what it means yet, BUT, did you know that 1111 x 1111 = 12345654321! Carried out even further 11111111 x 11111111 = 12345678987654321, oooooohhhhhh… Who Cares! There will most certainly be a plethora of neophyte gamblers running around Las Vegas all trying to bet 11 at the craps tables, the HARD WAY!

To all of these people we say… Get a Grip! 11/11/11 will be about laughter, about coming together and about demonstrating that the human race is  finally “connected”.  It will be… The World Wide Day of Laughter and it will be a hell of a lot of fun.

As I said, we intend to make this the largest Social Media event in history. We cannot pull this off without your help however, please follow us on Facebook and Twitter @dayoflaughter and help us get the word out by recommending us to your friends, if you have any.

Here’s how you can Help Us Spread the Word in detail

1. Share this post on Facebook with your friends.

2. Invite your friends, family and colleagues to join the laughter on our Facebook Page.

3. Tweet this post with the hashtag #dayoflaughter.

4. Download the Official Free World Wide Day of Laughter App for iPhone and Android here

5. Please leave your comments on the facebook page and below, but please be gentle, this is our first time!

We look forward to laughing with you in the months and weeks to come.